Do you enjoy solving puzzles, running through mazes, or just looking for a good challenge? Then look no forth!

Swipe to dash through these geometry theme mazes collecting items while solving puzzles and avoiding traps. We think nothing is impossible!

To complete and escape the maze you must collect all the triangle / pyramid pieces as you swipe n dash through the levels.

There may be hidden collectables as you run around, they may give you a bonus, unlock hidden paths, or something else, so keep an eye out and don't run too fast!

There are many incorrect paths and you only have so many moves to get out, but don't give up!

There will be puzzles to solve and traps along the way, so watch out!


Geometry collectables

Simple one swipe dash controls

Fun puzzles / challenges

Many unlockables / secrets to find

Simple one swipe dash controls makes this fun and easy to play for anyone!


Download 25 MB
GeometryMazeEscape.apk 33 MB

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